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African Swine Fever
Canadian Pork Council – African Swine Fever Information

Alberta Pork – Pig production in Alberta: A guide for small-scale producers
Small-Scale Producer Handbook – PDF Format

BC Pork – Small Lot Pork Producers
Resources & Information for Small Lot Pork Producers

BC Pork – Small Lot Pork Producers Manual
Small Lot Pork Producers Management & Production Manual

Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System
Information for Smallholders

Canadian Pork Council – Small Scale Production
Resources for Small Scale Producers

Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs
Canadian Pork Council Code of Practice

OAHN Swine Small Scale Herd Post-mortem Project
University of Guelph Study: an opportunity for veterinarians to investigate health problems in small herds. 

Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council
Biosecurity Resources

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Livestock Resources

Ontario Pork – Small Scale Pig Farming Info Kit
Resources for raising pigs in Ontario

Ontario Provincial Premises Registry
For registering parcels of land in Ontario associated with agri-food activities

PigTrace for Small Scale Pig Producers
Canadian Pork Council summary of the main program elements of PigTRACE

Podcast: Maximizing Swine Health in Alternative Production Settings
Western Canadian Animal Health Network Podcasts

Sask Pork – Small Scale Pig Production
The basics of good animal care and welfare

Small Scale Pig Farming in Ontario
For owners of two, 20, or 200 pigs in Ontario

Small Scale Pig Production
Information for pork producers in Ontario

Small Scale Pig Farming (in Canada)
Everything you need to know about feeding, fencing, housing and keeping your pigs healthy and happy

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