How To Get Started


Contact the Ontario Pig Health Check-up office to receive check-up booklets and checklists as well as pig owner information packages.  Copies can also be downloaded from the website.  Advise the office if you wish your contact information to be posted on the Ontario Pig Health Check-up website under Links for pig owners seeking veterinarians. 

Pig Owners

Contact your current veterinarian and let them know you are interested in taking advantage of the Ontario Pig Health Check-up program. If they are not familiar with the program, direct them to the website or have them contact the office.

Ontario Pig Health Check-up

c/o 195 St. David Street S., 3rd Floor
Fergus, ON  N1M 2L4

Phone:  519-787-4322
Email:  Program Manager, Susan Fitzgerald

Financial Administrator, Krista Bates

If you do not currently have a herd veterinarian, there are links to veterinary clinics who serve owners of small pig herds on the Links page of the Ontario Pig Health Check-up website. You can also contact a veterinary clinic in your area and inquire if they provide pig care services.  

You must have a Premises Identification Number.  If you do not have one, you can register with the Provincial Premises Registry online or by telephone 1-888-247-4999.  There is no cost to register.

The complete Ontario Pig Health Check-up Program Guidelines can be downloaded here

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