The Ontario Pig Health Check-up program will provide funding to support veterinary consultations for small scale pig herd owners. The exchange of animal health knowledge and practical resource materials will support the raising of healthy, well-grown pigs. In addition, good animal health practices are key tools to prevent the introduction, development and spread of transmissible animal diseases.

Within the terms of this project, a small-scale pig owner is someone who produces less than 1,000 market hogs a year or owns less than 50 sows or owns pet pigs.

The Ontario Pig Health Check-up program will reimburse Ontario licensed, practicing veterinarians for completing animal health consultations with small scale pig owners. The consultations can be in-person or via telemedicine as prescribed by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario Professional Practice Standard for Telemedicine. Treatment costs, up to a maximum cap based on the number of pigs, will also be reimbursed. This will include, but is not limited to, diagnostic costs, medication or vaccination, injury treatment, or medical intervention. See eligible activities and expenditures

The Ontario Pig Health Check-up will cover the topics listed below as applicable:

  • Housing and management of facilities
  • Feed, pasture management, and water
  • Handling
  • Reproduction management
  • Biosecurity and disease prevention
  • Swine health, welfare and behaviour
  • Euthanasia and deadstock
  • Transportation
  • Marketing and slaughter
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